Our Community

“The people of Haiti need to know that hope, help, relief and empowerment is on the way. What better way show HAITI that LOVE is out there than to create this organization, and I can not think of a better person to symbolize the idea of hope and re-birth than Mary J. Blige. She has more integrity and humanity than anyone I know,” says organizer Andre Harrell.

It is a labor of love for Mary, who recently took part in the nationally televised Telethon for Haiti. “I jumped at the opportunity to help the people of Haiti rebuild their lives and community because I understand what it’s like to feel un-empowered. I want to set an example as a woman who works to empower all people. I’ve really enjoyed having a direct impact on the lives of women and uplifting my hometown community of Yonkers, New York, through my work with FFAWN.”

Urban Zen founder Donna Karan says the aims of Hope Help & Relief Haiti mirrors that of her own organization. “We are both committed to the philosophy of past, present and future. The past is the preservation of Haiti’s rich culture; the future is the urgent need for tents and medical supplies; and the future is a commitment to rebuild an entire community.”

“Through our combined long term efforts, I am hopeful we will create and build a sustainable community in a devastated town or region of Haiti, providing the people there with homes, hospitals and schools,” she says.

Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the world. As of February, 200,000 people have died since the catastrophic earthquake and tragically the death toll continues to rise. On an over-populated island of 9,000,000 people, over 3,000,000 have been irreparably devastated. Haiti’s capital Port-Au-Prince is now a capital of homelessness.


Habitat for Humanity

habitatAndre Harrell has joined forces with Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation, The Mary J Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now (FFAWN) and Andre Balazs and The Standard to galvanize a community in response to Haiti’s immediate need to rebuild.

Partner in Healthy
partnersPaul Farmer’s Partner’s in Health has been working on the ground in Haiti for over 20 years. They urgently need support to help those affected by the recent earthquake. Partners In Health (PIH) works to bring modern medical care to poor communities in nine countries around the world. The work of PIH has three goals: to care for patients, to alleviate the root causes of disease in their communities, and to share lessons learned around the world.

Yéle Haiti
yeleGrammy Award Winning musician, Wyclef Jean’s Yéle Haiti foundation that is changing lives in Haiti, a desperately poor but optimistic nation. Through Yéle Haiti, Wyclef uses music, sports and the media to support projects in education, health, environment and community development. Yéle Haiti is committed to support the over two million people in Port-au-Prince who have faced this catastrophe.